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Introducing the Sell From the Studio Success Checklist – your ultimate guide to maximizing sales and growing your art business with confidence, whether you work independently, with galleries, or both.


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Hi, I'm Kat! As an immigrant artist who chose to follow her passion, I've encountered many obstacles along the way.


I've grown my art business from having no audience and no connections to exhibiting and selling my work all over the world and bringing in multiple six-figured through building multiple income streams.

I'm incredibly passionate about passing on what I've learned and helping you on your journey as well. I didn't get here alone, and neither should you.

Join me for this exclusive free masterclass where I'll share my personal experiences and insights, equipping you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and thrive in your own career.



Ekaterina Popova is an award-winning international artist, founder of Create! Magazine, certified master coach, and co-author. She is passionate about empowering creators to bring their dreams to reality.