Sell from the Studio: A Workshop on Direct Art Sales


Generate Sustainable Income from Your Art


Without gallery commissions, without the hassle of in-person events, and without feeling like you're selling out.



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If you're an emerging artist looking to profit from your passion while building lasting connections, then you already know that you need to market directly and create an online presence. Even if you plan on working with galleries, selling your art directly can help you grow your network and your net worth. 

Making your pieces easily accessible to a wider audience ensures higher visibility and sales opportunities without waiting on anyone.

Direct relationships with collectors means being in control. You get to build and maintain connections that can last a lifetime. 

You’re just a few steps away from more consistent income as an artist. Transition from sporadic sales to a consistent collectors, giving you financial freedom and validation for your work that you deserve.



What's Inside


Module 1: Art Presentation and Pricing

Learn the basics of presenting your art online  professionally and pricing strategies that optimize sales.

  • Pricing techniques for original art
  • Tips for photographing art like a pro
  • Setting up your shop
  • Shipping and packing


Module 2: Marketing for Artists 

Learn to harness the power of online platforms strategies tailored for art sales without ads or a huge audience. 

  • Simple social media strategies for marketing your sale
  • Email marketing basics.
  • Closing the sale


Module 3: Building and Nurturing Relationships

Form bonds with art lovers, collectors, and other artists to ensure long-term success.

  • Effective communication skills and product delivery
  • Networking in the digital age.
  • Gratitude and collector relations
  • Follow up and growth


Check out what my clients said about working with me:


The abundance of tips that I put to use the first two weeks paid for the course and brought in even more. I am so happy I took the plunge. 


-Tilly Strauss


Your class has been a truly worthwhile investment and I know that thisknowledge will take me exactly where I want to be.


- Roxanne


This course provided me with consistent focus on accelerating my art career. I gained clarity that would have taken me months, or even years, to discover on my own.

-Emily Jackson

Still thinking about it?

Sell From The Studio is PERFECT for you if...

  • You’re a budding artist looking to find collectors and make money doing what you love
  • You've experienced slower sales when it comes to larger works and are eager to try a different, fun, and sustainable approach
  • You’re an established artist struggling to transition to online sales and want modern income ideas for artists
  • You’re passionate about your art and want the world to see it
  • You want to monetize your practice while connecting with other like-minded souls. 


This course serves as an excellent kickstarter for budding artists and offers fresh insights for seasoned ones. 

Sustainable Studio Success is Waiting...


Creating art is a gift and a special experience, and every artist deserves to be recognized and rewarded for their passion. Sometimes, we can't find our way when it comes to the money side of things. This course embodies my vision to empower artists like you to thrive in the digital era. If you're looking to sell work directly without waiting on a dealer or for someone to knock on your door, I have the perfect blueprint that I've been using since I was an art student! I struggled in my early days and know what it's like to need to pay my bills. I used my art to support myself, and I want you to have this skill so you can share your beautiful work and maintain a healthy, profitable studio practice for years to come. Remember, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, your investment is risk-free. I'm excited to be a part of your journey.


Cheers to your massive success!


Ekaterina Popova

Learn to sell directly from the studio. This is a crash-course on selling your work independently.

Gather your inventory and let's find beautiful homes for your incredible art. In this on-demand training by international artist and artpreneur, Ekaterina Popova, you'll discover how to effectively market and sell your more affordable works online to eager collectors.

This isn't just about immediate profit; it's an opportunity to build and nurture invaluable relationships that will support your art career for years to come.


About Your Mentor


Ekaterina Popova is an award-winning international artist based in Philadelphia, originally from Vladimir, Russia. She has exhibited her work in prominent cities such as Paris, New York, Philadelphia, and London. Ekaterina is the founder and editor-in-chief of Create! Magazine and serves as the CEO of the Art Queens Society, a dedicated coaching service and community focused on elevating women artists. With over a decade of experience as a self-employed artist and entrepreneur, she is fervently committed to sharing her knowledge. Ekaterina has supported hundreds through 1:1 coaching, group sessions, and has provided publishing opportunities to thousands of artists. At the heart of her work is a belief that artists deserve to thrive, be seen, and be duly compensated for their talents.


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