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It’s Time To Retrieve Your Crown

...And Attract More Treasure Than You Ever Imagined Possible...

It’s Time To Retrieve Your Crown

Become the true queen of your life, art, and career.

My 1:1 clients are visionaries, dreamers, and doers with a desire to transform their lives and make a difference, no matter where they come from. They are art queens. 

Life is too short for struggle, burnout, and holding back. Work with me to reconnect with your purpose, release limiting beliefs and self-destructive patterns, discover your strengths, grow your art business, and shine your light. 
If you are looking to surpass six figures in your creative business beyond selling art, use your voice to serve your community, and inspire future generations to do the same, you are in the right place.
Dear Art Queen,

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated with your art career, and wonder why you can never seem to progress and earn the income that you know you deserve,  you’re in the right place.
If you have a big vision, desire to serve your community, and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. you are in the right place.
Let me walk by your side as you courageously pursue your most ambitious dreams.
I proudly work with women artists and artpreneurs who are done playing small. 
If you feel called to something bigger and want to empower your community beyond your studio practice, this opportunity is for you.
Your Coach, 




  • Share your art and story with clarity and confidence
  • Establish your why and refine your personal brand, AKA your highest self
  • Choose platforms that allow you to shine your light effortlessly and sell with authenticity
  • Explore various mediums that work for your personality, interest, and style, such as writing books, articles, using social media, coaching and more
  • Use your voice to make an impact on your community
  • Start treating your business as an art form 
  • Develop services or products aside from your art that support your tribe and enables them to thrive (online education and more)
  • Diversify and create multiple income streams so you can kiss financial anxiety goodbye
  • Expand your empire by empowering other queens
  • Launch courses and teach online 
  • +more

Have you ever considered that your business is a work of art too?

After all, you spend just as much time - or more - working on the business side of your art as the actual art itself.

And get this: each thing you do to make your art business successful is a new “medium” for expression. Just like painting or sculpture, writing social media posts, blogging, networking, and building a following who passionately purchase everything you make and support you like no one ever has before… These are all artistic endeavors. And they can be SO FUN!

But here’s the thing. You need to work on your skills in these arts just as passionately as you do for your real art. And just like painting lessons or a sculpting class, I am the coach who can show you how to master the art of your art business so you can focus on what matters. 


The artist who is ready to confidently shine her light and use her art and voice for change 


The artist who is ready to be seen and celebrated 


The artist who desires to build an empire, live her dream lifestyle and stop apologizing for her ambition and desire 


The artist who is ready to let go of the need for approval and is willing to create her own opportunities 


The artist who is ready to experience overflow and abundance in finances so that she can focus on creating art and serving her community without the distraction of financial anxiety


The woman who needs deep support and accountability in order to reach her next level 


The artist ready to effortlessly attract the perfect opportunities, exhibitions, and media features


The artist ready to be the queen she is meant to be in order to inspire others to shine their light too


The artist who is truly ready to let go of her old life and become the true queen of her castle. She is ready to graduate from surviving to thriving


What Kat's Client's Are Saying

The time I worked with Kat on my art practice and life purpose was priceless. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to sharing her knowledge and experience and she genuinely wishes to elevate you to a level where you get as close as possible to your envisioned higher self. 
Kat is an excellent guide and supports you through everything that comes up during the coaching program. I am so honoured that I had the chance to meet her and learn from such an inspiring human being, artist and artpreneur.
Mona Lerch: self-taught abstract painter, wife, mother and founder of Art Mums United.


Working with Kat was a transformative experience. I left her coaching program with the most powerful tool of all: self-confidence. Through our work together, I was able to remove blocks that had been holding me back for years and move forward in my career. I would fully recommend Kat’s coaching program to any artist who is looking to level up their career and reach new heights. Kat cares deeply about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them reach their goals and excel in all aspects of their life.

Victoria Fry: Artist, Educator and Founder of Visionary Art Collective

Now accepting clients for Summer 2021

This is a 3-month program that requires an application form and a 20-minute complimentary phone consultation to make sure this is the perfect fit for you at this time on your journey. 


Each experience will be customized specifically to your unique needs and goals. 
This coaching program includes two 90-minutes live calls per month, unlimited Voxer (voice message support), e-mail support and resources. I  am fully committed to my clients and only work with two 1:1 clients at a time. 
The total investment for this program is $7,000.
Payment plans are available. 
You will have unlimited email and Voxer voice access to me during our time together.
E-mail me with any questions or to schedule a call to [email protected]

1:1 Coaching Application for Art Queens Looking to Level up and Make an Impact Beyond the Canvas

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