Sail to Success: Easy Income Strategies for Your Art Business

Free Masterclass with Ekaterina Popova

Get ready to grow your income, amplify your influence, and enjoy every moment of your art business!


Are you an artist wondering how to amplify your income and impact, but finding your plate already overflowing with commitments? You're not alone. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate this challenge without burning out.

Join me, Kat, for an exclusive free masterclass where we'll bid farewell to burning out by working harder, and instead, focus on elevating our value and diversifying our income streams in ways that are both enjoyable and supportive of our dreams, utilizing your unique gifts and talents.

In this masterclass, I'll personally guide you through essential steps based on my 8 years of self-employment and over a decade of experience as a professional working artist. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies. Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards achieving your dreams.

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


Positioning Yourself as a High-Value Artist:

Learn how to stand out in a crowded market, command premium prices for your work, and attract the right clients who value your unique talents.


Diversifying Income Streams:

Discover how to build resilience and stability in your art career by expanding beyond traditional revenue sources, ensuring sustainable growth even in uncertain times.


Pillars of Your Success as an Artist

Explore the essential elements that underpin a thriving art business, from cultivating a strong personal brand to fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

This masterclass is perfect for the artists who:

  • Have big dreams but can't seem to make ends meet with art sales alone.
  • Are open to learning new ways of supporting their art career without burning out.
  • Find themselves overbooked with commissions and client work, leaving little time to focus on their own vision.
  • Are ready to grow their business to bring in more abundance, support their family, and give back to the community.

A Note From Kat...

Hi, I'm Kat! As an immigrant artist who chose to follow her passion, I've encountered many obstacles along the way.


I've grown my art business from having no audience and no connections to exhibiting and selling my work all over the world and bringing in multiple six-figured through building multiple income streams.

I'm incredibly passionate about passing on what I've learned and helping you on your journey as well. I didn't get here alone, and neither should you.

Join me for this exclusive free masterclass where I'll share my personal experiences and insights, equipping you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and thrive in your own career.



Ekaterina Popova is an award-winning international artist, founder of Create! Magazine, certified master coach, and co-author. She is passionate about empowering creators to bring their dreams to reality.